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The pros and cons of living in or off the college

Graduating to the next level of education is another transformation in a student’s life. One gets the freedom to be away from parental care for some time. But during admission, one has to decide on whether to live on or off the college hostels. This decision is personal, and one has reasons as to why choose between the two. Here, there are pros and cons of living on-campus or off-campus.

Three pros of living on campus include;

  • The student is close to the classes

A student being physically around the institute compound relives one the stress of commuting to college to and fro every day. Being around motivates the student to go to class each lesson and not miss compared to being away from the institution where the student is likely to have a lot of activities like cooking hence making them miss or arrive late for lessons.

  • There is a 24\7 security

Living within the college is assured of security as there https://essays-writing-for-me.com are security men all day and patrol guards at night to ensure safety within the dorms.

  • Meal procedure

Students who book the hostels are not allowed to cook, but the food is there through the school cafeteria and shops around the school.

Three cons of living in the college include;

  • It’s costly

One living within the college means that one should be buying three meals a day every day and also pays for some services provided while staying there, making it more expensive.

  • There is no privacy

In the college hostels, one will be sharing a room, bathrooms, and other facilities hence limited privacy. There are those students who can have their rooms, but they are to share other facilities with the other students.

  • Difficulties to concentrate

Not being able to concentrate comes about because of the peers who will also be living within the compound. One could be spending more time with them hence lucking enough time for revision.

There are those students who will choose to stay off the college, here are some of the pros and cons they will be facing on their lives out the http://cs.gmu.edu/~zduric/day/term-paper.html school compound.

Two pros of living off the college hostels;

  • Personal privacy

Living alone will allow the student to have privacy and make own decisions. Even if one will have a roommate, they will remain to have personal privacy and personal space to do particular things.

  • One is independent

Living off school makes one grow up faster as they will get used to minimizing the resources they will be having and manage their time to see that they arrive early for classes.

The cons of living off college;

  • A lot of responsibilities

Living off the college increases responsibilities, from food to paying off bills. essays-writing-for-me com Living alone might be fun, but one will be spending a lot on paying water, internet, and electrical bills.

  • Distance from the institute

One might get an affordable location far away that will be forced to use the public means to and from the school hence making it costly living off the college.